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Bionematon – Organic Nematicide For The Control Of Nematodes (Out of stock)

Supplier Bukoola Chemical Industries (U) Ltd
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BioNematon effectively controls root knot nematodes, burrowing nematodes, cyst nematodes, lesion nematodes etc., that affect a wide range of crops. It controls the target nematode pests effectively. It is environment friendly and suitable for organic cultivation. It is an ‘organic certified’ product. 

BioNematon is based on a beneficial entomophagous fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus. It contains the spore and the mycelia fragments at 1 x 108 CFU’s/gm or ml of the product.

Mode of Action:

Bio Nematon acts by infecting, parasitizing and colonizing the eggs and young juvenile stages of a nematode which ultimately gets mummified and dies without causing further damage to the crops.

Recommendations for use


Powder – 1.2 kg / acre and 3.0 Kg / ha

Liquid – 2.5 lit / acre  and 6.0 lit / ha

First application: Before sowing or transplanting.

Second application:  30 days after planting. The subsequent application depends upon the severity of the nematode infestation/population.

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