Gaucho Fs 350 – Insecticide For Seed Treatment

Supplier Uganda Crop Care Limited
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Gaucho FS 350 is a very effective insecticide foe seed treatment for the control of insect pests on seeds and young seedlings in wheat, barley, maize and French beans.

Gaucho FS 350 is a broad spectrum systemic insecticidal seed treatment for control of soil-borne and foliar pests in cereal crops. Owing to its excellent root systemic and long residual properties, Gaucho controls sucking pests (vectors for viral diseases, especially aphids, plant and leaf hoppers). In soil, soil-borne insect pests such as; wireworms, frit fly and termites are effectively controlled. Gaucho creates a protected root establishment base that enables excellent crop establishment and nutrients uptake.

Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 350g/L.

Rate of use/Dosage: 100-200ml/100kg Seed.

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UGX 1,475,300

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