Sugar Baby - Open Pollinated Watermelon Variety

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Sugar Baby is an open pollinated watermelon variety. It produces green round fruit with high brix content. Vey suitable for fresh market. Sugar Baby Watermelon is small, round melon. It  is called an icebox type because it is petite enough to fit in the refrigerator. This widely adapted variety is solid, dark green on the outside with a bright red, firm and fine-grained flesh that is super sweet. Watermelon contains high levels of healthy antioxidants, making Sugar Baby a great sweet way to pack in good nutrition. Vines are compact. Plant about 4 feet apart.

Special attributes

  • Good germination ability
  • Yield potential: High
  • Maturity: 90 days
  • Tolerant to leaf curl virus

Gardening tips

  • Spacing: 5ft x 5ft
  • Seed rate/acre: 500g

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